The Northern Ireland Bag Tax

Posted on: April 24th, 2013

The decision by local government to charge bag tax was not overly popular in Northern Ireland, with the majority of the general public seeing it as yet another stealth tax with little, if any, environmental benefit

However two weeks after the introduction of the tax we see a very positive response from our customers. Early figures are suggesting that approximately 85% of you are already reusing plastic bags or have purchased reusable tote bags in-store. We suspect this figure might decrease but we can only congratulate our customers from preventing a whopping 30,000 bags going to landfill so far

We would also applaud The Assembly for holding the full cost of the tax this year to 5p instead of the 10p originally suggested; this has given all of us time to adapt to new shopping habits

 We look forward to the DOENI releasing figures in the coming months of the environmental projects the Bag Tax will benefit